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The Mission Fund of saint benedict’s table is a collective mechanism to participate in God’s mission outside our walls. Reflective of sbt’s mission and values, it is an act of risk-taking and faith, stewardship and discipleship, education and imagination. 

At saint benedict’s table we are committed to the good stewardship of the financial offerings entrusted to us. As part of that stewardship we have established our Mission Fund, from which mission grants are disbursed to support an array of ministries and projects taking place in the world beyond our own walls. For a detailed overview of the 2016 grants, simply click here.

In 2013 we established our Mission Committee, and entrusted to it the task of recommending how we might disburse our yearly grants. We also called this group to provide opportunities for education and awareness about the programs and ministries we support, and to raise the profile of missions generally.

“Whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple—truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward.” (Matthew 10:42)

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saint benedict’s table Mission Fund

Terms of Reference

Fund Composition / Source

The mission fund is comprised of an allocation from saint benedict’s table’s annual budget, increasing annually by 1 percentage point until it reaches a minimum of 10%.

Fund Communication

Information regarding the mission fund will be available on the saint benedict’s table website as well as through the notice of the selection committee meetings. These notices will solicit prayer for the process as well as invitations for suggestions and recommendations for consideration.

Selection of Fund recipients

Funding shall encompass both intentional partnerships and singular bold affirmations of mission, both of which reflect an expansive view of God’s mission in the world. (Note that the call for applications will be issued in late September of each year, with grants disbursed in December)

Funding approvals

Funding approval is given by the “Kitchen Table” (our version of a church board) upon recommendation of the Mission Fund Committee.


Intentional partnerships shall have an ongoing relationship with sbt. Discernment will be sought annually regarding the relevance and effectiveness of the partnership and their mission.

Review Cycle

An annual cycle will be set by the mission fund committee encompassing the following:

  • review of intentional partnerships
  • mission fund communication to the congregation
  • timing of selection of fund recipients
  • timing of disbursement of funds
  • communication to the congregation of the annual fund allocation



Small Grants – The saint ben’s Mission Fund Committee has determined that while our larger grants will continue to be made at the end of each the calendar year, we are very much prepared to use up to 10% of our fund’s budgeted total for smaller grants of up to $200 to support creative initiatives of faith as it is lived out on “the other side of the stained glass windows.” Ideally these smaller grants will be made to individuals from within our saint ben’s community, to support and encourage simple acts of faith and imagination in the worlds in which they live. We do not expect such acts of faith to be tied to any particular program or institution; quite the contrary, in fact. Dream a bit as to how you might connect with a neighbour or offer something to someone in need, and then contact us with your idea.

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