Response to Beautiful Mercy

Response to Beautiful Mercy


e’ve received some wonderful responses to Beautiful Mercy | A Book of Hours, our book and CD project released earlier this Spring.  The book actually spent four weeks on the McNally Robinson bestseller list, and for two weeks straight was their bestselling nonfiction hardcover title.  An article in the Winnipeg Free Press was picked up by various other papers across the county, including the Welland Tribune, The Halifax Chronicle Herald and the Moncton Times & Transcript.  The Anglican Journal ran a feature piece on the book, ChristianWeek ran a review, and Comment Magazine flagged us in their online edition.  That’s all good stuff.

We also received some direct feedback that really needs to be shared.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove sent this message to the community:

Your Beautiful Mercy came with Friday’s mail, and I set it aside to enjoy this afternoon. What an incredible gift! Thanks so much for making it and for sending a copy to me. It’s on the coffee table at our house now and will be a constant reminder to me of the unique treasure your community is.

And when Jonathan refers to the “coffee table at our house,” he’s referring to Rutba House, the new monastic community he is a part of in Durham North Carolina.

Calvin Seerveld was asked by Comment Magazine to provide a short response to our book, and he wrote the following:

Like colourful marginalia on a large medieval Biblical manuscript page, this is a peaceful book decorated with wonder-filled artistic promises. Hand-written script legible on soft-toned brown paper. Each of the seven times of the Church year–Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary time–holds seven brief meditations fitting the “hours” of prayer known to the Church throughout the ages. One is led gently into praying along with impressionistic poems, sparkling photographs, new paintings, prints, songs, brief whimsical musings. The accompanying CD is like a mosaic of personal sung offerings–from Taize-like benedictions to a wonderful country music sermon on “sand,” to an experimental guitar piece–introducing us to an unusual Spirit-moved group of believers worshipping in downtown Winnipeg. Beautiful Mercy | A Book of Hours provides the uncommon experience of baptized, artistic intelligence being shared leisurely. Unhurried. True to the communion of saint benedict’s table which produced this book, the reader is invited to join a worshipping community, rooted in an ancient future.

Well, then Cal added an extra few words, directed to all who were involved in the production of the book:

The whole carries weight almost like a l’Arche community. Nothing outstanding individually maybe, but as a whole the piece has the impact of blessing. The production of the whole is a considerable feat! which is very winsome in its potpourri of offerings. The CD too struck me more like gammelan music, which is not for an audience so much as a joyful communion of those playing together, which we are invited to overhear.

The whole company deserve deep thanks for the time and effort gone into production of this book. I pray it will bless many others…

For information on purchasing the book, simply click here.

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