Beautiful Mercy

SBT’s most ambitious book

This project was launched almost by accident. In the Spring of 2008, the Winnipeg Art Gallery presented the exhibit Illuminating the Word, featuring pages from the first three volumes of the landmark The Saint John’s Bible. As we toured the exhibit, saint benedict’s table member (and now a curator at Winnipeg’s Gurevich Fine Art) Suzanne Pringle stepped back from one of the illuminated pages and exclaimed “we could do something like this!”

Well, needless to say we couldn’t set out to do something to parallel the massive work that is the Saint John’s Bible, but it did inspire us to begin to think seriously about producing a book of writing, art and music, all offered up by people connected to our community. And while it might have been launched through a chance comment, it was brought to completion through hard work on the part of our editorial team, headed up by Bramwell Ryan.

Shaped around the seven seasons of the liturgical year and the seven monastic hours of daily prayer, Beautiful Mercy | A Book of Hours is a unique celebration of art, faith, and ideas. It not only captures a particular window of time in the life of our church community, but it also reflects our conviction that the arts really matter; that works of the imagination do fill one of the great hungers of our society.

In his review of the book for Comment magazine, the noted Christian philosopher of art Calvin Seerveld called it “a peaceful book decorated with wonder-filled artistic promises.” “Beautiful Mercy | A Book of Hours provides the uncommon experience of baptized, artistic intelligence being shared leisurely. Unhurried. True to the communion of saint benedict’s table which produced this book, the reader is invited to join a worshipping community, rooted in an ancient future.”

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