Old Turtle and the Broken Truth | a review

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth | a review

Please note that though Audrey had been led to believe that this book is no longer in print, it is now quite easily available online through Amazon.

I became aware of this book through a Richard Rohr daily meditation reference. Setting out to acquire copies for grandkid Christmas presents, discovered it to be out of print. McNally pursued the order for months to eventual success. But reading the story, it felt too advanced for the age of our grandkids so the  books got tucked away for a year.

I just revisited a reading…
A timeless story… A wisdom tale. A people, find a truth, a broken piece reading “You are loved” and they do not share it with others, the earth suffers.

A little girl goes on a journey to Old Turtle, returns changed, with the wisdom piece, “And so are they” mending the people’s broken truth and earth.
In light of present situation of refugee backlash, religious, racist, fundamentalist, mindsets against the “other” it is a strong gentle timely message easily a gift as coffee table book, or a children’s book.



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