Hear the Silence

 Our next Hear the Silence liturgy is set for Saturday January 20, 7pm

**Please do note that incense is used in this liturgy.

A meditative liturgy for the evening, led by Gord Johnson and built around music, prayer, readings and stillness. Be warned ahead of time: there is no communion, no sermon, no coffee hour, no big social focus… just an opportunity to come away into the stillness, move into a space of deep openness to the Spirit of God, and then go quietly into the evening’s darkness. Many of the songs in which we enfold ourselves during Hear the Silence have simple melodies and deep words which are sung over and over… the repetition anchoring us in prayer.

The very best and noblest attainment in this life is to be silent and let God work and speak within. – Meister Eckhart


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