Theology by the Glass

A summer series of monthly conversations held at Cafe 22, located at 336 Broadway at Hargrave. 

Every year as we move through the Spring season, many of our events and regular activities begin to move into summer break mode. This is actually the very point at which we launch Theology by the Glass, a series of monthly gatherings that runs from May through September.

Tuesday June 27, 7:30pm –  A discussion of  a keynote address by the novelist Margaret Atwood, on the role of religion and of human error in the development of societies. You can access the 23 minute audio of Atwood’s address by clicking here.   

Margaret Atwood was one of the keynote speakers at Restorying Canada in May 2017.  The session, which also included Christian ecologist and author Leah Kostamo, was called ‘The Future of Religion in Canada: Utopia or Dystopia?

In the lecture she shares some of her convictions on the role of religion and of human error in the development of societies:

“I sometimes hear the view that the world’s ills are due to religions. Some people have that view. I do not agree with that view because atheist regimes have done a good job of oppressing and murdering people too. It is true that Christianity has got some dark moments. And it’s had some dark moments in Canada. Dark moments of various kinds. But I don’t think you can put that down to a religion. I think you can put that down to human beings behaving the way they unfortunately sometimes do – whatever religion or non-religion they may happen to have.”

These evenings are about the most relaxed approach to Christian education imaginable. People gather at 7:30pm at Cafe 22 (336 Broadway at Hargrave), and we stay relatively focused on our topic for about an hour, at which point we begin to chase all sorts of conversational tangents until everyone is ready to leave.