Theology in the dark

Theology in the Dark is an occasional series offered in collaboration with Booth University College, in which we explore the idea that sometimes theology is best done through a medium such as film. The basic approach is to view a movie together, and then to spend some time in conversation, debriefing what we all saw. Sometimes these evenings are held in the screening room at Booth (which has a good sized screen, great sound and decent chairs), while on other occasions we arrange to meet at a movie theatre or at the church.

Booth University College is located at 447 Webb Place, and we’d ask that you plan to arrive between 6:40 and 7pm so that we can let you in the locked front doors!

Feburary 19:  Iron Giant

This all ages version of the series will take place at 2pm at All Saints. Pop and popcorn will be served!

Iron Giant(1999) is an engaging film for people of all ages that tells the story of a young boy who befriends a giant robot.

It’s rated PG and should be suitable for kids 7 and older but parents you know your kids best. Contact Rachel if you have any questions.

April 19 at 7:00pm at Booth: Logan      

James Mangold’s Logan (2017) is a stark, gritty reimagining of the superhero film. In 2029, Hugh Jackman’s Logan (formerly known as Wolverine) has tried to leave his past behind. In a world that has all but forgotten superheroes, Logan tries to live under the radar. When he discovers a young girl with his unique abilities, Logan must decide whether to remain in hiding or sacrifice everything for a greater good.

Content warning: Rated R for strong, brutal violence