Poinciana Every NightPoinciana Every Night

Poinciana Every Night

Andrew Colman reflects on the music of Ahmad Jamal

The jazz festival is on…The jazz festival is on…

The jazz festival is on…

Jamie Howison’s annual recommendations for who you might choose to see

Imagine… Theology and Jazz?Imagine… Theology and Jazz?

Imagine… Theology and Jazz?

Details on Jamie Howison’s upcoming lecture on John Coltrane

Jazz for the Christmas seasonJazz for the Christmas season

Jazz for the Christmas season

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual Christmas music, here it is…

Left Handed ChristmasLeft Handed Christmas

Left Handed Christmas

Robert Burton has just released what he’s calling his first CD, first solo recording and first Christmas album.

Words from the road #5

Jamie misses his plane and is stuck for a few more, expensive, days in NYC.