1 Corinthians 13… reimagined1 Corinthians 13… reimagined

1 Corinthians 13… reimagined

A new song by Jaylene Johnson

Two songs from JayleneTwo songs from Jaylene

Two songs from Jaylene

Two new songs by Jaylene Johnson, from our October 11/15 liturgy

Two from SundayTwo from Sunday

Two from Sunday

Audio of two new songs by Jaylene Johnson

The Stone was Rolled Away | Easter MusicThe Stone was Rolled Away | Easter Music

The Stone was Rolled Away | Easter Music

A home recorded demo of one of Gord Johnson’s songs for Easter

Music from Good FridayMusic from Good Friday

Music from Good Friday

Audio of some of the music Alana Levandoski led us in at our Good Friday Liturgy

Jaylene Johnson’s award winning song…Jaylene Johnson’s award winning song…

Jaylene Johnson’s award winning song…

An introduction to the song “Hope”



A new song from Anna Bigland-Pritchard

Singing to JobSinging to Job

Singing to Job

Music from our October 21 liturgy

“Jesus in our Time” | a song shared“Jesus in our Time” | a song shared

“Jesus in our Time” | a song shared

Bob Bennett’s musical commentary on what it looks like to be the church

From Kerri Woelke’s House ConcertFrom Kerri Woelke’s House Concert

From Kerri Woelke’s House Concert

Two songs from our February house concert

“Hope”  | Jaylene Johnson’s winning song“Hope”  | Jaylene Johnson’s winning song

“Hope” | Jaylene Johnson’s winning song

News of Jaylene Johnson’s award-winning new song

More news on this projectMore news on this project

More news on this project

The national church news service features the Alana Levandoski/Ignatius Mabasa project

Summer job recording

A new tune In late September, saint ben’s member Jon Lawless asked if he could do some recording in the church. We found a day that worked, and he arrived with his guitar, computer and microphone, all set to spend