Written by the victors?Written by the victors?

Written by the victors?

A sermon on 1 Kings 1:1-21, 29-31

ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”

ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”

Duke Divinity School professor Kate Bowler speaks on her history of the Prosperity Gospel

A bit of holy mischiefA bit of holy mischief

A bit of holy mischief

Jamie Howison’s sermon for Christmas Eve

Dr. Who is my Saviour?Dr. Who is my Saviour?

Dr. Who is my Saviour?

A podcast of our ideaExchange session with Kyle Rudge

ideaExchange |Sr. Mary CoswinideaExchange |Sr. Mary Coswin

ideaExchange |Sr. Mary Coswin

Mary Coswin on life as a Benedictine

ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

A podcast link for our session from May 21/14

ideaExchange | On the goodness of God

A podcast of Dr August Konkel’s session, “Is the God of the Old Testament good?”

ideaExchange | Bishop Mark MacDonald

On Indigenous life, wisdom, and concerns

ideaExchange | faith and politics

an ideaExchange session with Bill Blaikie

Jesus is (not) my homeboy

A podcast from our ideaExchange series

No room | A sermon for Christmas EveNo room | A sermon for Christmas Eve

No room | A sermon for Christmas Eve

A Christmas Eve story of displacement and hope

A new book from Chris HolmesA new book from Chris Holmes

A new book from Chris Holmes

A new book from former saint ben’s member Chris Holmes

Parable of the talents

I’d like to ask Jesus why he didn’t stick with his imagery of God as a good shepherd or a stubbornly loving and forgiving father

Placebo or Prayer?

… is there a difference? For our April 2011 session of ideaExchange, we assembled a panel to offer perspectives on the intersection of faith and medicine in health and healing. Picking up on the work of Herbert Benson in his

Gord Johnson | words & music

F or our January 2011 session of ideaExchange, we decided to invite Gord Johnson – the artist-in-residence for saint benedict’s table – to offer an evening of music and conversation. As he notes in his introductory remarks, Gord doesn’t often