ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”

ideaExchange | Kate Bowler on “Blessed”

Duke Divinity School professor Kate Bowler speaks on her history of the Prosperity Gospel

Dr. Who is my Saviour?Dr. Who is my Saviour?

Dr. Who is my Saviour?

A podcast of our ideaExchange session with Kyle Rudge

ideaExchange |Sr. Mary CoswinideaExchange |Sr. Mary Coswin

ideaExchange |Sr. Mary Coswin

Mary Coswin on life as a Benedictine

ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

A podcast link for our session from May 21/14

ideaExchange | On the goodness of God

A podcast of Dr August Konkel’s session, “Is the God of the Old Testament good?”

ideaExchange | Bishop Mark MacDonald

On Indigenous life, wisdom, and concerns

ideaExchange | faith and politics

an ideaExchange session with Bill Blaikie

Jesus is (not) my homeboy

A podcast from our ideaExchange series

A new book from Chris HolmesA new book from Chris Holmes

A new book from Chris Holmes

A new book from former saint ben’s member Chris Holmes

Placebo or Prayer?

… is there a difference? For our April 2011 session of ideaExchange, we assembled a panel to offer perspectives on the intersection of faith and medicine in health and healing. Picking up on the work of Herbert Benson in his

Gord Johnson | words & music

F or our January 2011 session of ideaExchange, we decided to invite Gord Johnson – the artist-in-residence for saint benedict’s table – to offer an evening of music and conversation. As he notes in his introductory remarks, Gord doesn’t often

Priest and rabbi walk into a story

ideaExchange F or our December 2010 session of ideaExchange, we invited Rabbi Neal Rose to join with Jamie Howison in a conversation around how the Jewish and Christian traditions have read and understood the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his

Words of a gospoet

ideaExchange | woven words from Ignatius Mabasa of Zimbabwe.