Written word

Reflections on a challenge

Jaylene Johnson shares some of her personal struggles, and God’s grace, with us.

As the Light FadesAs the Light Fades

As the Light Fades

Original poetry from Jon Sears.

The NatashasThe Natashas

The Natashas

Original short fiction by Hannah Foulger.



Advent poetry from Kyla Neufeld.

Lazarus Before DeathLazarus Before Death

Lazarus Before Death

An Advent poem by Adam Kroeker.

Dancing While We WaitDancing While We Wait

Dancing While We Wait

An Advent reflection by Jaylene Johnson

Silence That SpeaksSilence That Speaks

Silence That Speaks

Poetry by Gilbert Berg

Ain’t Gonna Study War No MoreAin’t Gonna Study War No More

Ain’t Gonna Study War No More

Reflections on Remembrance Day.

Being HumanBeing Human

Being Human

We are not only what we do.

Traveler or Tourist?Traveler or Tourist?

Traveler or Tourist?

Have I immersed myself in Christ? Have I let him change my life?

“The Gentile Scum”“The Gentile Scum”

“The Gentile Scum”

The text of a sermon by Pierre Plourde, on the dialogue between Jesus and a Gentile woman



What fences you in? What are the limitations you put on yourself? On others? Do others impose fences on your life?

Of Mornings and What Matters

Reflections on first-time fatherhood.

Making Friends with Money

Two weeks ago we posted Catherine Pate’s piece on investing money in friends. Here is the companion piece to her article.

Walking Around the Truth of Sacred ThingsWalking Around the Truth of Sacred Things

Walking Around the Truth of Sacred Things

Great things can be known and honoured deeply, all the while acknowledging with humility the non-possession of the ‘whole truth’ by anyone.

Investing in Friends not Funds

“Why don’t we use our money to make friends?”