Come by Here

Come by Here

On Sunday April 19 we closed our liturgy with a version of the African-American spiritual “Come by Here” or “Kumbaya.” Charles Garinger was leading us for the evening, and offered a few comments explaining what might seem a rather unusual song selection.

For the closing song, ever since I heard a program on CBC radio years ago about “Kumbaya” I have wanted to do it. The word “kumbaya” has become kind of a descriptive word for making artificial peace, so I wanted to try to reclaim the song with a groove. 

We think that in the company of his group – which included Larry Campbell, Catherine Pate, Trish Vrolijk, Mike Penner, and Davis Plett – Charles managed to help us all reclaim the song, with a serious bit of groove.

  • To listen to a very basic recording of the song, simply click the arrow:

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Come by here, my Lord, come by here

Come by here, my Lord, come by here

Come by here, my Lord, come by here

O Lord, come by here


Hear me crying, my Lord, come by here…

Hear me singing, my Lord, come by here…

Hear me praying, Lord, come by here…

Oh, I need you, my Lord, come by here…

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