“Hope” | Jaylene Johnson’s winning song

“Hope”  | Jaylene Johnson’s winning song

The headline in a recent press release reads “Winning song takes hope seriously,” and just a few lines later the writer of the release makes it very clear that this hope-filled song is not at all about platitudes. If you know the music of Jaylene Johnson – to say nothing of her personality – you won’t be at all surprised to find out that she is the author of that seriously hopeful song.

We’re delighted to pass on the word that the press release is an announcement that Jaylene’s song “Hope” has just won a national song contest sponsored by the Anglican Church of Canada. Chosen from over seventy entries, “Hope” apparently really caught the attention of the three judges. Congratulations Jaylene!

To read the full story on the Anglican Church of Canada national site, simply click here.



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  1. Byronmodonnell says:

    A deserving award for a dandy tune!

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