Let Me Find Mercy

Let Me Find Mercy

On Wednesday March 25 at the final session in our “Lenten listening” series – a series in which we listened together to long portions of the Gospel according to Mark, to songs offered by various of our music leaders, and finally to a five minute time of silence – Jaylene Johnson offered a new song for the season. When she introduced it, Jaylene spoke of this song as picking up on the sensibilities of the lament psalms in their ability to speak of hope, right in the midst of the desert.

We did record the song as she offered it, but there were an awful lot of buses and trucks rumbling by that were also picked up on the recorder. Thankfully Jaylene went straight home and recorded this version on her computer. It is a spare and simple version with no edits or engineering, but in some real sense that does this particular song some real justice.

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Let Me Find Mercy 

I’ve known some deserts

I’ve known some floods

I’ve known the dryness and the drowning

Seen lots of weather on this journey with God

And the storms that come up and give no warning

I’ve been grieving

Still grieving

How can this be when I am supposed to be believing?

Don’t let this cup be mine

Father not my will but Thine

In my weakness let me find mercy


I’ve had my visions

I’ve heard Your voice

I’ve followed You into the Garden

But pain’s a master that consumes all other noise

When the heart grows too heavy with its burdens

Am I sleeping

Have I been sleeping

How can this be when there’s a watch I should be keeping?

Don’t let this cup be mine

Father not my will but Thine

In my weakness let me find mercy

©2015 Jaylene Johnson

2 Responses to Let Me Find Mercy

  1. Aisha Entz says:

    Thanks so much Jaylene! So much good honest, truth-telling here for Lent, but also so much truth! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  2. Adeline Berg says:

    So good – and meaningful! Thank you so much for recording that for us, Jaylene and for posting it, Jamie. We were so sorry to have missed the evening and so it was good to get a taste of it.

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