Monk’s Moment | music from Al Fehr

Monk’s Moment | music from Al Fehr

We wanted to share this original music from Al Fehr; a piece called “Monk’s Moment.” Al is a regular participant and leader in our Sunday evening music, but he’s also been spending a good deal of time experimenting with the creation of some really lovely and contemplative soundscapes.

To listen to “Monk’s Moment” on Soundcloud, simply click here.


What I’m trying to do is evoke a mood. Piano is my main interest, but the way computerized synths have evolved has made the concept of composing/improvising fascinating as sound can now be manipulated in every way imaginable. I feel like I’m always in learning mode so when I figure out new aspects of my software I use that in the next piece. I like the idea of creating a changing soundscape and adding some sort of piano to it. It’s less about melody and more about ambience. That’s where I’m coming from with these pieces and they often start with a sound that I’m curious about and how it can be manipulated and what I can layer on top of it.

Allen Fehr

And once again, thanks to Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk for the use of her photo.


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