Singing to Job

Singing to Job

Anote from Jamie Howison: This past Sunday our first reading for the evening was Job 38:1-7, 34-41 in which Job’s deep lament and steady complaint was answered through an experience of the presence of God. For chapters Job had been calling on the Lord to appear, yet when God finally does arrive on the scene it is not to bring what anyone would think of as being words of comfort; the sermon for the evening was an attempt to unpack the force of the words Job heard coming at him from out of the whirlwind.

As our liturgy continued, however, we kept singing and speaking other texts, which I characterized as words Job needed to hear… or maybe words we needed ourselves to utter.

What follows here are two songs, both led by Gord Johnson and Larry Campbell. The first, Alana Levandoski’s Felix Culpa, picks up on words from Psalm 121. The second is one of Gord’s compositions, with a refrain that draws from the writings of Julian of Norwich. In between the two is a bit of a spoken word bridge which pulls the two together and in a real sense allowed us to sing to Job…

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The image is a detail from one of William Blake’s series of illustrations on the Book of Job

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  1. Aisha Entz says:

    This is so good…a reminder of all the Scripture and songs we have to sing as counterstories in our lives when things are rough as they were for Job…singing to Job–I like it!

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