Three songs for Lent

Three songs for Lent

On March 4/15 as part of our Wednesday evening Lenten series, Mike Koop shared acoustic versions of three of his original songs. For different reasons, each of these songs is particularly suitable for Lent. The set begins with “Jacob’s Well,” continues with “River,” and culminates in his “Desert Song.”

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Jacob’s Well

He sat down at Jacob’s Well
and asked her for some water
she said sir I’m Samaritan
your request I cannot honour
Please give me water
             pure clear water
             my thirst has brought me low
             please give me water
             pure clear water
             my thirst is all I know
He said woman if you only knew
about the cup I offer
just drink of my dram so sure and sweet
and you will live forever
I thought you were a prophet
when you told me who I am
but then you offered to set me free
Now I see and I believe in my soul
that your cup is all I need


River carry me in your current to the sea
to the dark green depths you control
You always frightened me ’cause
I saw that you were free
in a way I never could know
River speak to me tell all about the peace
waiting at the bottom for my soul
Water wash me clean of all the tired dreams
that I cling to so long as they hold
River comfort me in your cool hands I’ve release
from every misfortune I have known
I hear you whisper peace as I float like a leaf
finally knowing where the wind has to blow

Desert Song

This is where I face you
in my hunger and my thirst
I don’t think any skin can protect me
with this land so anxious to hurt
     Am I ready for the worst?
     Every trick from kiss to curse?
     I hear how well you’ve rehearsed
     this temptation; chapter and verse
It occurs to me
just how easily a sparrow falls
so when the word comes to breathe
I find a voice I give my all
     I am ready for your worst
     every trick from kiss to curse
     I know full well how you’ve rehearsed
     but hear me now you dam has burst
     so leave me here with my thirst
            Rain will fall and sun will shine
            a desert blooms in its own time
            and though we all return to dust
            someone will come to sweep us up

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