What Its Like to Fly

What Its Like to Fly

Though she now seems to have settled into life in Edmonton, we still like to consider Alana Levandoski one of our own. This post features a bit of a back-story on her song “What Its Like to Fly,” from her most recent CD, I am a Sparrow

Over the past 10 years, I have periodically spent time co-writing in Muscle Shoals, Alabama… home of Fame Studios and a host of incredible musicians and writers. The first time I visited, some of the songwriters I was co-writing with took me out to roadhouses and pool halls and when we walked in, we were treated like local royalty.

At a pool hall one night, one of the guys I was with had a gal on his arm who was a beautiful doe-eyed southern belle. She had eyes for him and he didn’t really notice she existed… not really.

When the guys weren’t paying attention, this girl slid over to sit beside me and asked me what Canada was like. It turns out she was a waitress who’d never left the county she lived in. She had a soft voice and at one point during our conversation, she asked in her Alabama drawl, “What’s it like fly?”

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While on my 5 month pilgrimage in 2011, I stopped in to do some co-writing in Muscle Shoals and told my pal Gary Nichols that story. He said, “let’s get her up in the air.” So that is how this song came about.

She represents to me, so many women in my own life whose circumstances, and perhaps more pointedly their own self-doubt, kept them in a descended place while attempting to seek love from a falsely ascended man who was fighting a much needed descent.

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We will have sale copies of both Alana’s book and CD, I am a Sparrow available at the church on Sundays. For information on ordering directly from Alana, please click here.

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