Bryan Neufeld

Advent and the Incarnation

No longer is there a chasm between God’s nature and ours.

Celebrating Community | Bryan Neufeld

Bryan Neufeld tells us a little bit about what makes him tick.

Why The Church?Why The Church?

Why The Church?

When the world comes to partake of the church the effects can be destructive.

Schmemann and the liturgy of time

The liturgy of time is important because it gives shape to the life of the church.

But what of baptism?

What happens to the sacrament of baptism when open communion is the norm?

Tradition and ConversationTradition and Conversation

Tradition and Conversation

Tradition is not something that binds us to performing the liturgy only one way, or using one particular type of music and instrument.

Sinners at the table

Being in Christ that makes one able to partake of the table, not anything that we have done or can do.

Snow and flowersSnow and flowers

Snow and flowers

What then does it mean to be like a child?