C.S. Lewis

In the beginningIn the beginning

In the beginning

People of God, awake. Love. Think. Speak.

A friend of GodA friend of God

A friend of God

You can tell the truth of your life to this Christ, and he will not unfriend you, no matter how messy you’ve become.

The Magi and LewisThe Magi and Lewis

The Magi and Lewis

‘Man’s search for God’ is about as safe as the mouse’s search for the cat.

The Lion’s World | a reviewThe Lion’s World | a review

The Lion’s World | a review

Jamie Howison’s review of Rowan Williams’ book exploring the world of Narnia

Man of the tombs

Touched by this compassionate Jesus, the man of the tombs can now sing a new song.

Juggling and the Trinity

Although carefully worded creedal statements provide an important anchor and framework, they don’t tend to set imaginations on fire.

Christ beyond boxes

He is the Messiah of God, the God remember who refuses to be symbolized in any graven image, and whose name is the elusive “I am”.

The limits (and freedom) of languageThe limits (and freedom) of language

The limits (and freedom) of language

What you might call “rumours” of God’s Triune nature are present from the opening chapter of the Book of Genesis

Nourishing food for thoughtNourishing food for thought

Nourishing food for thought

Insights from Richard Foster, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, and Frederick Buechner

A word from the trenchesA word from the trenches

A word from the trenches

Colleen Peters reflects on Advent expectation and the challenge of pain

Wakefulness in anticipationWakefulness in anticipation

Wakefulness in anticipation

Podcast | hope in the night, not glitzy commercialism, is what we want and need

On the trail of AslanOn the trail of Aslan

On the trail of Aslan

One from the archives, reflecting on what C.S. Lewis was doing in his Narnia series