Larry Hurtado

New JerusalemNew Jerusalem

New Jerusalem

Walking by the light of the New Jerusalem, their kings bringing their glory right through its gates.

What must I do to inherit eternal lifeWhat must I do to inherit eternal life

What must I do to inherit eternal life

Not everyone receives the same challenge from Jesus

Awake to your callingAwake to your calling

Awake to your calling

Actually be the Body of Christ

The Widow’s Mite

There is more going on here than we think.

Let no one put asunder

The worst thing we can do is to act like either Jesus never said any of this, or to suggest that he didn’t really mean it.

Christ beyond boxes

He is the Messiah of God, the God remember who refuses to be symbolized in any graven image, and whose name is the elusive “I am”.

Easter in MarkEaster in Mark

Easter in Mark

This is my story, suddenly told—you tell it from here