N.T. Wright

Tensions and an invitationTensions and an invitation

Tensions and an invitation

Human freedom is a fierce and curious thing

New JerusalemNew Jerusalem

New Jerusalem

Walking by the light of the New Jerusalem, their kings bringing their glory right through its gates.

Apostle to the ApostlesApostle to the Apostles

Apostle to the Apostles

What truth could there possibly be the news the women brought?



I have no real need for anything higher than myself.

Starting AdventStarting Advent

Starting Advent

Our jagged edged path to Christmas has begun.

The reign of ChristThe reign of Christ

The reign of Christ

His reign is one marked not by the usual trappings of power and kingship

Do Not Be Lead AstrayDo Not Be Lead Astray

Do Not Be Lead Astray

Wakefulness and watchfulness are not passive.

What must I do to inherit eternal lifeWhat must I do to inherit eternal life

What must I do to inherit eternal life

Not everyone receives the same challenge from Jesus

Dynamic movementDynamic movement

Dynamic movement

Yet for all of the playfulness of these images, there remains the raw Holiness of the divine.

In the world not of the worldIn the world not of the world

In the world not of the world

It’s not an easy balance to maintain

Peace be with youPeace be with you

Peace be with you

Touch me and see; for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.

To each as any had need.To each as any had need.

To each as any had need.

What we need is to be of one heart and one soul

The topsy-turvy MessiahThe topsy-turvy Messiah

The topsy-turvy Messiah

Peter’s head must have been swimming, as he listened to all of this talk of losing for the sake of winning.

The transfigurationThe transfiguration

The transfiguration

The transfiguration experience will not be held, commemorated or marked.