Rachel Twigg Boyce

Anglicanism 101 | the Benedictine spiritAnglicanism 101 | the Benedictine spirit

Anglicanism 101 | the Benedictine spirit

Information on our latest Anglicanism 101 series

Making Room at the TableMaking Room at the Table

Making Room at the Table

A sermon by Rachel Twigg Boyce on Matthew: 21-33-46

Sniffing Out the Good News

A sermon by Rachel Twigg Boyce on Matthew 18:15-20

The BeatitudesThe Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

God’s dream is rooted and grounded in a love that has the power to change the world.

You’re asking the wrong question | a sermonYou’re asking the wrong question | a sermon

You’re asking the wrong question | a sermon

A sermon from Sunday November 6, 2016 by Rachel Twigg Boyce

Project AdventProject Advent

Project Advent

A catalogue of our Advent Podcasts, “In Days to Come”

Foolish virgins

We can be prepared to be surprised.

Riel Day at Agape TableRiel Day at Agape Table

Riel Day at Agape Table

How do the homeless respond to holidays?

“In Days to Come”“In Days to Come”

“In Days to Come”

Announcing a new book of daily readings for Advent, available November 18

Making Friends with Money

Two weeks ago we posted Catherine Pate’s piece on investing money in friends. Here is the companion piece to her article.