Robert Capon

Lostness and graceLostness and grace

Lostness and grace

In this I trust: my death is kept safe in the death of Jesus.

Psalms for Lent

The psalms are born of lives lived and of a willingness to speak the truth

Owning our song and prayer

Liturgical rites can be a great gift, but as Isaiah says even of something so significant as Sabbath, they can go dead on us.

The rich fool

I want Jesus to push me past a life lived primarily for me, and to show me a life lived both for and with others.

Rise in Glory

I long for him to make his immediate presence known, particularly to those who most need him.

The man who had two sons

The party is happening, the question is whether the older son’s pride will keep him from joining in.

God’s Folly

From a practical perspective Jesus accomplished absolutely nothing there that day