Dr. Who is my Saviour?

Dr. Who is my Saviour?

On Tuesday December 2, 2014 Kyle Rudge led a session called “Dr. Who is my Saviour? –  on using the science fiction as a modern day parable.” You can get a podcast of this session from our iTunes catalogue by clicking here.

Kyle Rudge says he is on a quest to do it all. His resume is littered with jobs ranging from actor to air traffic controller and most recently the morning show host and Program Director of CHVN radio in Winnipeg. Kyle comes most alive when he is telling stories whether it be in print or on stage.

As a huge fan of Donald Miller, the importance of story has truly permeated everything he does. The stories found in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and geekery are the ones he finds himself most inspired by, so he is committed to delving deeper into the Winnipeg Geek scene to find more.


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