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uring the cocooning season (the cold months) saint benedict’s table gets some of us out of the house once a month to hear new ideas and challenging topics. We’re then invited to join a conversation with the presenter and with each other. It’s called ideaExchange and it takes place at Aqua Books (274 Garry Street, just south of Portage Avenue). Tonight, at 7:30pm, the January edition of ideaExchange features an evening of music and reflection with Gord Johnson, artist-in-residence for saint benedict’s table. Gord is the author of many of the songs that have become standards in our liturgies, with eight of those songs being featured on Steve Bell’s Devotion album.

Join us this evening… but if you can’t, spend some time with an old episode of ideaExchange. Over the years we’ve recorded and podcast 23 presentations. All of them are available on iTunes while many of them (15) are available on this website with the links below.

Words of a gospoet | Ignatius Mabasa
Evil by design | Cameron McKenzie
Truth & reconciliation | Jon Sears
Going sideways | Mark Burch
Totally pumped & loving capitalism | Stuart Taylor
Horrors of human trafficking | Val Hiebert and Dennis Hiebert
Christmas: how to keep the feast? | Gerry Bowler & Aiden Enns
Bonhoeffer on ethics | Christopher Holmes
On the trail of Aslan | Jamie Howison
Faith & fourth | Bramwell Ryan
The simple life | Karen Sloan
Climate change refugees | Carol Thiessen
Bonhoeffer’s resistance | Christopher Holmes
The devil made me do it | Pierre Gilbert
God’s mind in the music | Jamie Howison

Those below are available only on iTunes.

One of us in five | Mary Holmen
Foreign aid, food and fact | Stu Clark
Something broken, something beautiful | David Widdicombe
Food justice: more than just a handout | David Northcott
Famine porn: the power of images | John Longhurst
Priest and a Rabbi: how we read the Old Testament | Larry Pinsker & Jamie Howison
Playing God? Ethics and the world of biotechnology | James Read
The immortality of the soul: the thundering silence of the bible | Jamie Howison

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