How should we keep the feast?

For this month’s version of ideaExchange, we’re offering up a conversation between two people with rather different views on how we should keep the feast that is Christmas.  Join us this Saturday, December 5 at 7:30pm at Aqua Books… and come ready to offer up your own opinion…  For a bit of a preview of the conversation, you can read an interview published last December in the Christian Week, in which reporter Josiah Neufeld chatted with our two guests for the evening.


hristmas: how should we keep the feast? A conversation with Gerry Bowler and Aiden Enns. It really goes without saying that by this point in our movement toward December 25th, many us will have already been caught up in the flurry of activities that almost inevitably comes our way during the final few weeks before Christmas Day. Some will embrace this time of year in all that it brings – maybe even relishing those trips to the mall to find the “perfect gift” – while others will at least want to ask a few questions about what it all really means.

Gerry Bowler would count himself as one of those  in the “embrace the season” side of things.  Author of “The World Encyclopedia of Christmas and of “Santa Claus: A Biography”, he has made a bit of a mark as a Christmas guy.  Aiden Enns, on the other hand, tends to see this feast through very different eyes. While anything but a Scrooge, Aiden is a founding figure in the “Buy Nothing Christmas” movement, as well as the publisher of “Geez Magazine.

We’ve invited Gerry and Aiden to offer up their particular views on the season, and then will turn the microphone over to the gathered audience to extend the conversation.

Aqua Books is located at 274 Garry Street in downtown Winnipeg, just a short walk south of Portage Avenue.

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