ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

ideaExchange | It’s Your Funeral…

From Wednesday May 21, 2014, a session called “It’s Your Funeral: a conversation on thinking about your funeral and other end-of-life matters.”

The poet and undertaker Thomas Lynch has often said that a good funeral gets the dead body where it needs to go, and the living where they need to be, adding that the funeral is important, “Not because it matters to the dead, but because the dead matter to the living.” That’s such an important way to think about our funeral practice.

In this session of ideaExchange, Jamie Howison invited us to think about how our own funerals might be made “good” in this sense. The evening began with an opening presentation on how funeral practices have changed and evolved over the past twenty-five years, and then the participants were invited into smaller conversation groups to consider some of their own ideas about funerals. A fairly detailed “take-home” worksheet was offered as a starting point for those conversations, which can be accessed by clicking here.

To download an iTunes podcast of the opening presentation, simply click here.


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