The Devil made me do it…

… or did he?  


gilbert.jpghe modern world has been unsure what to do with the biblical texts around the world of the demonic, and has often swung between total unbelief and a kind of unhealthy over belief. This session of ideaExchange – recorded November 1, 2008 – takes us straight to the heart of this territory, to see if there isn’t maybe a sane and reasoned middle way.

In a measured yet engaged presentation Dr. Pierre Gilbert, of Canadian Mennonite University, takes us over some of the key points from his recent book: Demons, Lies & Shadows. A Plea for a Return to Text and Reason published by Kindred Press. There are two ways to hear his talk and the lively discussion time that followed (runs 1:04:26):

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You can also read Jamie Howison‘s review of Dr. Gilbert’s book here.

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