The Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove podcasts

The Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove podcasts

In the fall of 2009, saint benedict’s table invited the theologian and new monastic Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove to spend a few days with us, speaking and preaching in a variety of settings. We recorded as much as we could, with the plan that we might release this material in the form of an CD audio book… and then technology developed faster than we could roll with, and  CD audio books began to take a back-seat to podcasts. Actually, it didn’t so much take the back-seat as get right out of the car! The expense of manufacturing CDs simply could not be justified, yet we had this great material and ready-to-go packaging. What to do?

Almost four years later, and Jonathan is being welcomed  back to Winnipeg by another ministry organization… though we do get to have him preach in the context of our Lenten series. What better time to take the great material we have in hand and simply give it away?

And so it has now been uploaded to our iTunes podcast series, and is free for the taking. Simply click here, and look for the two Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove podcasts.

And you really should take get a copy of the great CD booklet designed by our own Dana Hepting. You request one by contacting us, and we’ll email you a copy.


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