The Arts Fund

The Arts Fund

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saint benedict’s table arts fund committee


saint benedict’s table is a community that values active participation in the arts. We engage with the arts in a variety of ways including weekly worship, art shows, house concerts, the support of an artist in residence and the production of new works of art created by members of our community. These new works are financially supported by our arts fund.

Arts Fund Statement of Purpose

To support and promote artistic and creative projects that enrich the faith life of those connected to the saint benedict’s table (sbt) community.

Committee Composition

The arts fund committee (afc) includes:

  • At least one (1) experienced artist who is involved in the sbt community and preferably has experience in the commerce of art.
  • At least one (1) member of the sbt staff (the pastor will act as ex-officio member, but is not required to attend meetings unless requested).
  • At least one (1) member of the sbt kitchen table.
  • At least one (1) member who has a direct link with sbt’s Artist Network (this person could be one of the other members)
  • The sbt artist-in-residence (when applicable).
  • We are looking for people who are entrepreneurial and able to project manage; who can take initiative and be catalysts for new projects and ideas.

The committee consults with advisors as necessary:

  • Members-at-large from the sbt community with a wide range of skills including, but not limited to project management and a track record of investment and involvement in the life of sbt.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Any afc member/advisor with a direct investment in an application will recuse him/herself from voting.
  • Establish, monitor and revise funding criteria that reflect and uphold the beliefs and core values of sbt.
  • Prayerfully manage the income of the arts fund.
  • Draft contracts and establish reporting guidelines for each project.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with successful applicants and provide ongoing support and project oversight for the duration of the contract.
  • Report regularly to the kitchen table about fund activities.
  • Within one (1) month of the completion of a project submit a written report to the kitchen table including a statement of income and expenses, project assessment and expected next steps.
  • Consult with the sbt store manager on the inventory control of arts fund merchandise.


Term of Office

Regular members of the sbt arts fund committee will be self-appointed and the Kitchen Table will be informed of the appointment. Arts fund committee members terms will be renewed annually in conjunction with sbt’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). All members will indicate whether they intend on renewing their membership for another year or step down from the committee. The members will also evaluate who is on the committee, what needs they have, who should leave and what kind of person does the committee need for the upcoming year.

Advisors will be appointed to the sbt arts fund by the arts fund committee on a per- project basis. Once the project advisor’s appointment is completed, the advisor will be released from all responsibilities on the arts fund committee. Advisors may be reappointed to the arts fund committee as needed.

Updated January 2017

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