The community carries the storyThe community carries the story

The community carries the story

A baptismal sermon for the Second Sunday in Eastertide

Because That’s What God is LikeBecause That’s What God is Like

Because That’s What God is Like

… catch the sense of how freeing it can be to live in the light of God’s “glorious, uproarious, absurd generosity.”

The body of ChristThe body of Christ

The body of Christ

This isn’t Roman civil society, with the rulers and the elite sitting at the top as the head

Dynamic movementDynamic movement

Dynamic movement

Yet for all of the playfulness of these images, there remains the raw Holiness of the divine.

Baptism of Jase

The water of baptism is thicker than blood

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism steadfastly resists orders of prestige and divisions based on status

With God’s help

Our neighbour whom we are called to love can often be—at least in our eyes—rather hard to love.

Thea’s baptism

It is a day to dismiss the illusion that says we are self-made, freestanding individuals.

But what of baptism?

What happens to the sacrament of baptism when open communion is the norm?

Pentecost and baptism

The Spirit makes God’s people sing out of tune with the rebellious and decaying world.

Come to the Table

This study offers a reflection on one community’s practice of open table, and on its efforts to both articulate and embody a new understanding of the relationship between eucharistic hospitality and Christian initiation.