Why The Church?Why The Church?

Why The Church?

When the world comes to partake of the church the effects can be destructive.

Acting as Christ’s body

Jesus believed that in and through the Spirit the church could actually be his Body.

Spiritual Body Image

The call to love the Body of Christ, even the parts we’re not thrilled about, is still our call today.

For the common good

The church is the community that is made possible by the manifestation of the light, and this is what it looks like.

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous ThingA Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

“Whether we cast the players as pure good or evil, or as essentially similar with inconsequential differences, we commit the same sin as Job’s friends.”

Review: Christianity for the Rest of Us

What is it that draws you to worship at saint benedict’s table? The music? The liturgy? The table fellowship? What?


There can only be one body of Christ