Hand of KindnessHand of Kindness

Hand of Kindness

A song by Bob Bennett

A Little Jazz With St PaulA Little Jazz With St Paul

A Little Jazz With St Paul

There’s tons of creative freedom in this music, but at its best it is not freedom from all the rules, but rather freedom for the creation of music in the moment.

Man of the Tombs | Bob BennettMan of the Tombs | Bob Bennett

Man of the Tombs | Bob Bennett

The song that formed the heart of the sermon on June 23

Jaylene Johnson’s “Hope” videoJaylene Johnson’s “Hope” video

Jaylene Johnson’s “Hope” video

The video of Jaylene’s award-winning song “Hope”

Sufjan Stevens | Silver & GoldSufjan Stevens | Silver & Gold

Sufjan Stevens | Silver & Gold

Sharing a video of a song both lovely and evocative

“I Have Decided:” the jazz version

Mike Janzen cuts loose on a classic hymn

The Kings of Summer StreetThe Kings of Summer Street

The Kings of Summer Street

Two songs from Bob Bennett

Mark MacDonald talks about music

Another conversation with Bishop Mark MacDonald.

Vijay Iyer Trio – Accelerando

A Jazz Festival recommendation…

Theology in the company of a jazz iconTheology in the company of a jazz icon

Theology in the company of a jazz icon

Audio of the March 2012 keynote to the Canadian Institute for Studies in Pop Culture and Religion

Imagine… Theology and Jazz?Imagine… Theology and Jazz?

Imagine… Theology and Jazz?

Details on Jamie Howison’s upcoming lecture on John Coltrane

Left Handed ChristmasLeft Handed Christmas

Left Handed Christmas

Robert Burton has just released what he’s calling his first CD, first solo recording and first Christmas album.

Talking Art, Faith and MysteryTalking Art, Faith and Mystery

Talking Art, Faith and Mystery

From the archives | podcast of our Image Journal exploration of faith and the arts

Gord Johnson | words & music

F or our January 2011 session of ideaExchange, we decided to invite Gord Johnson – the artist-in-residence for saint benedict’s table – to offer an evening of music and conversation. As he notes in his introductory remarks, Gord doesn’t often

Conversation Series | part 2Conversation Series | part 2

Conversation Series | part 2

Archived audio from 2007, in which Steve Bell shared a conversation on faith and the Christian media industry

Conversation Series | part 1Conversation Series | part 1

Conversation Series | part 1

Some great audio material from a series we offered several years back… you really should give this a listen