Mark MacDonald on Indigenous life in Canada

Mark MacDonald, the National Indigenous Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada, reflects on the unfolding shape of Indigenous life in this country he now calls home. Filmed on February 21, 2012, at a saint benedict’s table ideaExchange session.

Shot and edited by Ian Peters
Music: “River,” by Mike Koop

3 Responses to Mark MacDonald on Indigenous life in Canada

  1. Lois Gitzel says:

    Healing! Residential school residents suffered abuse – need healing! Children growing up not knowing how to be adults and raise their children – need healing! Alcohol and drug addicted indigenous people due to hopelessness and sorrow – need healing! Chiefs and Council Members hoarding money for themselves and not looking to the needs of their peoples – need healing! Where does this healing come from, Mr. MacDonald? It comes from Jesus Christ! Where are your comments on the One who comes to seek and to save (and to heal!) those who are lost and hurting and broken? Conversations and taking courses and discussing and sharing and learning and relating and organizing ‘walks’ for issues and pontificating will NOT bring healing. Only Jesus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Lois,
      While I’d not presume to respond on behalf of Bishop Mark, this video offers only a very brief glimpse at the man and his thought. The full podcast (which is available at includes a much greater sense of the vibrancy of his faith in a living and present Lord Jesus. And having shared in times of worship and prayer with the man, I know how central Christ is to his life and ministry.

      Thanks for your response!
      Jamie Howison

  2. Jon Sears says:

    Thanks for inviting Bishop Mark, and posting this conversation. Because of this, I’m taking an intensive course with him called “Indigenous Wisdom,” through the University of Winnipeg – Faculty of Theology, happening at UW North End Campus – 527 Selkirk Ave.. We’re discussing Bible scripture and readings (First Peoples Theology Journal, Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples), sharing ceremonies, and learning out of our diverse experiences as indigenous and non-indigenous people from Turtle Island and around the world. Please pray and plan participate on May 13: Sisters in Spirit annual Mothers Day Walk to honour missing and murdered Aboriginal Sisters, who are all our relatives. The walk begins at 1pm at the St Regis Hotel (285 Smith St.) ends at Oodena Celebration Circle.

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