The Kings of Summer Street

We wanted to share this video of a pair of quite wonderful songs by the singer/songwriter Bob Bennett. The first is “The Kings of Summer Street,” which captures the wonder of a boyhood friendship, while the complimentary song is “We Were the Kings,” a powerful reflection on that same friendship as imagined some forty years later.

Both songs originally appeared on the 2002 CD The View from Here, which was recorded in Winnipeg at Signpost Music. The album is currently available through Bob’s site, and as an iTunes download. For just a touch of context here, Bob’s connection to saint ben’s is through Steve Bell, but also through Jamie Howison, who says that Bob’s album Songs from Bright Avenue helped him to make sense of life after the failure of his first marriage back in 1995.

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  1. I love this song. Reminds me of brother Dawson. Brings smiles to my face.

  2. Steve Bell says:


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