“The Second Day”

Here’s a video of a performance of a song written by saint ben’s member Anna Bigland-Pritchard. The text is credited to  Emily Dickinson and Anna Bigland-Pritchard, but the music is all Anna’s. Havilah Mogilevsky is the soprano, and she is accompanied by Breanna Heinrichs on piano.

A few notes from Anna: From an interpreted perspective of the biblical character, Mary Magdalene, this aria is intended for the Saturday of Holy Week. It is an exploration and naming of the feelings experienced on the day after Jesus was executed. This song attempts to musically express that weightless, timeless void of new grief one is immersed in upon the tragic death of a young and wonderfully loved friend. The main repeating motif can be heard as memory fragments Mary has of Jesus, as she tries to piece together the gravity of what has happened.

Anna is in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance and Music Ministry, at Canadian Mennonite University. She is interested in exploring music as a tool for healing and growth in and outside of the Church. She is thankful to be experiencing an education at CMU that supports her interests in singing, social justice, peace-building, community musicking, and theology. Anna grew up in Bristol, England, and Borden, Saskatchewan. She plans to continue her pursuit of performance, peace-building, music ministry and teaching individuals and choirs after she graduates in 2015.

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