Video Feature: Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Featuring video clips of almost every camp MPC has to offer, this video best explains the summer as a whole. Whether the campers are on one of the two islands on Shoal Lake, on the Blood Vein River, in a Sailboat, or in a Canoe, you can see that they simply have fun at MPC. Our Camp believes that there is no greater thing in life than the hope offered to us by Jesus Christ. Through the wilderness experiences, community living and deep relationships formed at Pioneer Camp, young people are being transformed for a lifetime in positive ways. We challenge them to grow in their understanding of what it means to follow God through the role models and experiences they have at camp. Just 200 kilometres away from Winnipeg, MPC has a plenty of different camps to fit a variety of age groups and interests. All with the common goal of growth through and with the love of Jesus Christ. Since 1942, MPC has succeeded in making these few weeks of the summer, the best and most memorable in the hearts of countless young people.

St Benedict’s Table has helped MPC in countless ways, from promotion and donations, to helping the staff extend there intentional christian community life throughout the winter.

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