Vijay Iyer Trio – Accelerando

A note from Jamie Howison: Every year at around this time I take the liberty of recommending a gig or two from the upcoming Winnipeg Jazz Festival. In my books, the real gem this year is going to be the two sets by the Vijay Iyer Trio, scheduled for Saturday June 23 at 8:30 and 10:30pm at Aqua Books. In this video, I was particularly drawn to something Iyer says about improvisation “Most of the time we’re all just organically passing the energy around, from moment to moment… we all trust each other’s choices.” This echoes something the bass player John Patitucci said to me about his work with the Wayne Shorter Quartet, which he extends to a reflection on how improvisational music can reflect something of the Divine:

“With Wayne I’d have to say that in all my life, because of the way that God has blessed that group of people, that’s the closest I’ve ever felt to feeling the divine power of God. In the Wayne Shorter Quartet, you’re dealing with people who are all composers and who are also, because of the way Wayne likes to do things, group-oriented as opposed to just individually driven. And we take chances, completely. We start from nothing and improvise music that is tonal, lyrical, and contrapuntal. And then anybody can cue one of Wayne’s pieces, and we go in. You’ll start from nothing and think ‘Wow, I don’t really have anything tonight,’ and somebody will do something and you’ll think, ‘wait a minute.’ And then it’s a big journey. I call it the ultimate microcosm of what Christian community would be if people would just be willing to take chances, and get out of the comfort zone and be that other-oriented.”

So to witness some remarkable music, be sure to get your tickets to see the Vijay Iyer Trio…

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