A Blast of Divine Light

A Blast of Divine Light

We are now safely into January, so I wanted to come up with an image that depicted my general misgivings about the secular “holiday” season that we’ve just come through, featuring the morbidly obese corporate shill Santa Claus, as well as the charmingly cherubic drunkard Baby New Year sidling up for some Epiphany feast, often traditionally symbolized as a cake.

They are promptly blasted by divine light, complete with a traditional star symbol, and are suitable awed.

This being St. Benedict’s Table, I’m sure they would still be welcome to share in the feast, once they have recovered themselves…

5 Responses to A Blast of Divine Light

  1. Bram says:

    I like the idea of an eruption, an explosive and decisive event; so often the church seems to treat the coming of Christ as a process rather than a revolution.

    • Charles Garinger says:

      Good observation Bram…the explosion wasn’t even planned consciously. It started out as a fairly gentle stream of light when I initially started sketching it out, but somehow it blew up on me! And it just felt right.

  2. Charles Garinger says:

    I “liked” your comment b.t.w. Byron…

  3. Byronmodonnell says:

    I think the description of our favourite corporate shill is a bit harsh. Perhaps ‘portly’ would be more accurate?

    • Charles Garinger says:

      I would agree that in my depiction, ‘portly’ could probably be argued to be more accurate. I have seen early 20th century depictions of a far stouter Santa. I considered that my description could be construed as harsh, and in fact, initially resisted providing a description at all. I think I used such strong terms for a seemingly innocuous character partially out of my personal inability to resist the gorging that seems to occur for the entire month of December.
      The language of my description is meant reflect a certain anger with a culture whos favorite family restaurant uses a clown as its front man, provides playgrounds in its restaurants, and even packages toys with its nutritionally dubious,yet suspiciously addictive fare. (I must admit to succumbing on occasion). Both characters could be said to be manipulating children into manipulating their parents into manipulating their wallets out of their pockets.
      The word ‘portly’ doesn’t quite capture that kind of angst. It is too close to the traditional euphemism ‘jolly’.
      That being said, this was meant to be satirical in nature, as I’m sure you realize. It is more the spirit of a metaphorically morbidly obese culture that I was attempting to convey. I am certainly not immune to it’s charms,
      Just don’t get me started on Baby New Year…

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