Firstborn – a Linda Andres painting

Firstborn – a Linda Andres painting

Firstborn – based on the hymn of Christ in Colossians 1:15-20


Jesus, the Christ – firstborn of all creation but even more. Jesus, the Christ- firstborn from the dead. I am one who struggles with the festivities of Christmas. For many it is a time of aloneness, of restless longings that cannot be answered by merrily sung carols or a present under a tree. The Christ is my peace in this season. He has gone before me into the darkest places I could ever imagine. This Christ, knowing the death of his people’s dream of a safe place on earth, became one with us as a baby who would grow, learn to know and love this world, and then lose his life so that we would have a chance to start again. From the shadow of the cross, a child is born. From the shadow of the Christ, hope is born. He has been there before me, he can walk with me through all the shadows of my life.

Linda Andres

Linda Andres is a music teacher who has always had a love of photography. Through working with pictures digitally she became intrigued with the rich textures and colours in the world and the ability of objects to symbolically represent deeper meaining. In February of 2010, she began painting with acrylics. This piece, “Firstborn,” was painted in December 2010.

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