Helen Lyons in plain view

Helen Lyons in plain view

An artist’s journey

Back in 2003 when saint benedict’s table was just beginning to take shape, Helen Lyons wandered into our community and very quickly found her place. A visual artist, inveterate student and life-long learner, at that point she was working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, and joked with us about finally “coming out” as a Christian in the context of a university fine arts program.

Over the years she has contributed various pieces of art for use in our liturgical life, and her series of prints of the Stations of the Cross were published in our Lenten book, Toward What We Can Scarcely Imagine and Scarcely Refuse. Helen lives with her husband Martin in a house filled with art, books and life.

Along with her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Helen also holds a BA in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto.

This video piece on Helen and her work was produced by Compass Digital Media, as part of the In Plain View series of profiles on Winnipeg artists. In Plain View is a group of professional Winnipeg artists who have joined forces to promote their work.

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