Untitled (World)

Untitled (World)

Sometimes you know what a piece of art will be before you make it.  Other times you realize only afterwards what this thing that has somehow been shaped by your hands really is.

Other times, you have no idea.

This piece would fall very happily into this category.  The process that yielded these cosmically violent colors and textures was deeply intentional, but I am quite certain that it was not an ordinary sort of intention, where the final product is clearly in sight, nor am I entirely sure it was me doing all of the intending.  It is rather like musical improvisation; something is slowly being unpacked and pieced together, and the outcome of that process does not necessarily need a name to do its work.

I think that this piece comes out of a rebellion against what Chekov called “the incurable habit of being objective which so often prevents people from really living.”  My hope is that in some small way, like most of the art which has had the greatest effect on me, this piece can make the invitation to move towards really living.

Davis Plett is a writer, artist and musician. He recently released his first book, entitled For the Time-Being (further information available here). In the great tradition of summarizing a writer’s existence in under one hundred words, this brief biography would not be complete without mention of the various animals which the author lives with.

Davis Plett has no pets.

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