A Case for Misericordia

on reading Isaiah 1

What possible good
Are praises to me?
I’m sated with song,
Sickened by revelry;
Whore-hearted dance
To a crass tambourine.
   While my creation 
   Lies groaning in tears.
   What flattery does to me
   Nobody fears.

What do you think
Your praises will do?
So weary of creeds
That don’t mean a fig to you;
Self-serving deeds,
Snug-righteous platitudes,
   While my beloved,
   Bereft of delight,
   (Prey of the well-to-do)
   Fear for the night.

What do you think
Truly matters to me?
What you have heard
Sounds an absurdity:
“Incarnate Word,” and,
“Love was the death of me.”
   Fool’s gods and goddesses!
   Clear from the start,
   I AM (religiously)
   Merciful Heart.



Steve Bell is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter who’s career has produced 16 solo albums as well as concert performances world-wide. Steve and his wife Nanci make their home in Winnipeg where they worship with the fellowship at St. Benedict’s Table.

2 Responses to A Case for Misericordia

  1. Larry Campbell says:

    well done. this, along with alana’s advent poem http://www.facebook.com/alevandoski and malcolm’s sonnets malcolmguite.wordpress.com, is a blessing for the season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “He came, as you know, not in the beginning, nor in the midst of time, but in the end of it.” Bernard of Clairvaux, Advent Sermon http://www.archive.org/stream/sermonsofstberna00bernuoft#page/10/mode/2up

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