A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem

A Christmas poem by Trina Arnold

it’s difficult to lose the place you were born

but buried beneath snowfalls and dismissed offerings

it may look different enough

for you to lose your footing

chin up.

i need to see your eyes

and you need to see the miracles

they’re all waiting for you

if you need to lay here a while

and let the laughter shake through

the earth and into your belly

then i’ll hold this moment safe

in holly, sparkles, and crooked dimples

the blowing wheat will fill the air

with the reminders you lost

as you hold your chin up

armed with eyes to see the miracles

wait, wait, wait

the time is nearly here

the time is nearly home

your footing is forever sure in this place

unwrap the beauty with the sweet rhythm of your voice

calling the stars to guide you

each one set with purpose

each one holding a story

whispered now for you

to hold sacred in your eyes

mapping the way to miracles

both past and yet to come.

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