Behold what you are

Behold what you are

Behold What You Are | Become What You Receive

A poetic reflection from Tara McTavish


You call me to your table and I come with head held high

I look in my mirror of self-reflection and see myself with pride.

Clothed in my sparkling robes of self-righteousness:

I see my good deeds,

I see my kind words,

I see my patience in difficult situations,

I see my standing in my community,

But then you whisper gently, “no, dear one, Behold what you are”…

And slowly I see my clothes of self-righteousness fall to the floor as dirty rags.

I look down at my once glittering robes and realize how filthy and stained and rotten they have become.

I am afraid to look up and behold my nakedness

I am ashamed to look up and behold my nakedness

I am moritfied to look up and behold my nakedness

But then you gently take my hand and whisper once again, “Bold what you are”.

Slowly with tears streaming my down my face I look up to Behold what I am

No longer do I see good deeds, or kind words, or patience, or good standing in my community,

Rather those things are there but there is also more to see

There are things that I have kept hidden beneath my robes of self-righteousness

Ugly thoughts,

Things left undone because of laziness or fear of ridicule,

Times of impatience where words have tumbled forth out of my mouth as weapons intended to inflict pain,

I see times where my standing in community meant more than my kneeling before you.

I am wretched and unworthy and I crumble to the floor in misery and despair calling out to you , “don’t look at me. Leave me I am not worthy to be loved I am nothing”…

But you hold out your hand and pull me to my feet and say,

“Come to my table”

“Come and feast on my body”

“Take this bread; it is my body that was broken for you. Because I love you. “

“Take this wine; this is my blood shed for you. Because I love you,”

“As you eat this bread let it strengthen you,”

“Let it strengthen your mind to turn away evil thoughts”

“Let it strengthen your arms so that you don’t become weary helping to lift the burden of others,”

“Let it strengthen your knees so that you may kneel before me continually”

“Let it strengthen your heart so you are brave in front of ridicule,”

“Take this wine and let it wash your body,”

“Let my blood wash away the evil thoughts”

“Let my blood cleanse your mouth of hurtful words”

“Let my blood wash away your fears,”

“Let my blood purify your heart,”

He calls,


“Come to my table”

“I come Lord humbly”

“I come Lord with Joy”

“I come Lord unworthy but for your love”

I come

I Become

serving cups

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