Call to Mind

Call to mind.
It is no secret,
though hidden for a time.
Silence offers stubborn voice,
the sounds disjointed, muffled and confusing.

Where are the notes the Creator left behind?
Will I find some meaning in the silence?


In my body my heart still beats
and moves the coloured lifeline without objection.
My lungs equalize the silent air
and energize the invisible and the minute.
The DNA of all my past
builds the mystery of who I am today.

Could it be – I am His delight?
Fashioned with care over centuries.
Molecule on molecule,
systems and interactions
that have a stubborn wish
never to fail.

I am His delight.

*     *     *     *     *

Gilbert Berg wrote this poem in the context of the saint benedict’s table community weekend at Camp Cedarwood, held over the weekend of March 8-10. For a bit of a look at how things went at Cedarwood, simply click here.

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