Silence That Speaks

Silence That Speaks

Apoem by Gilbert Berg, inspired by time he and Adeline spent in Bryce Canyon, Utah, earlier this year. The photographs are also courtesy of the Bergs.

Silence That Speaks 
Mud, lime, sand and ash
Over aeons of time –
The Creator’s raw materials
For towering limestone pillars,
Massive sandstone arches 
And sheer, formidable cliffs –
A world that takes away my breath and my words.


The silent rocks, need no words
Yet speak their loud soliloquy.
Without a word they shout their hidden truth
And create a wordless harmony –
Ancient, noiseless words of majesty.


So I am left to wonder how or why
Such beauty and such large delights
Ever came to be.


Gilbert Berg and his wife Adeline are both retired from full-time employment and now take time for part-time work (highway driving and teaching). Other important involvements include family, friendships and traveling. They find meaningful opportunities for connection, worship and reflection at saint benedict’s table.