The Bird King

The Bird King

A note from Aisha Entz: I was first inspired to write a poem about this statue when my friend Rachel Twigg Boyce posted it on her Facebook page mentioning something about it being more powerful with Holy Week coming up. After attending a moving Good Friday service at saint ben’s, I sat down and finished this poem about “The Bird King.” We are the birds in the lowly bird world, and Christ came as the servant bird, laying down his life for us; he didn’t come as the Warrior King brandishing a sword bent on killing and usurping power. I quite like it myself, each time I’ve read it since it’s first inception that night.



King over all of the birds

Yet He stoops down to our bird world

And though he is only good to us lowly birds

We find a way to get rid of Him

Giving him a crown of thorns

Nailing his wings up to the cross

Watching Him breathe his last

Today, we noticed a dead bird

Was laid at his feet

A dead bird, like we all are

Or will be…

A dead bird?

Is it a sacrifice?

Who laid it there?

What is the meaning of its placement at the feet of the Bird King?

You came as a servant king

Riding in humbly on a colt instead of powerfully on a horse

You came in humbleness, servanthood and in dying

Instead of in power, conquest as warrior King

As the Servant King, you came and laid down your life for your friends

Calling us to surrender all,

Laying down our lives for the sake of the gospel

Laying down our lives for others

For our family, friends and even enemies

As the little bird in the picture, we are called to surrender our lives—our whole selves at the foot of the Bird King

Who came and laid down his life in servanthood, service and love

Letting go

Surrendering all at the feet of the Bird King

Who holds our lives in His Hands

so perfectly,

so safely

And even in death, our deaths are safe in the death of His (Robert Farrar Capon)

For He only has the perfect will in mind for us

For He Loves us more than we could ever love ourselves or love each other

And so we remember to bow at His feet

We remember to surrender our will to his Good and Perfect Will

We lay it all down

We let it go

Realizing that he wore the crown of thorns

On the cross to save us

To Show and Convince us of His

Never-ending Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Redemption He has poured out for us

Now that is a King I will worship in thankfulness

For the new life

His life on the cross

Followed with the reversal through resurrection

Where life comes to death, where light breaks through the darkness, where hope triumphs over despair, where good trumps evil, where reconciliation is stronger than broken relationships,  where calmness is stronger than anger, where joy is stronger than sadness, where peace triumphs violence, where all things that are broken are restored in shalom and wholeness

For the Bird King came to bring the upside kingdom into its fullness

Where all birds—small, insignificant, dead, broken

Are transformed to be healing agents in the new covenant kingdom breathing peace

Through the wind from their beating wings as they breathe God’s peace and healing into our broken world

For a new path of new life through the blood of the new covenant

Brings me love, goodness, grace and redemption

Into this dying bird in my flesh and blood

And remember He came in my flesh and blood, grew up and chose death on the cross

To bring new life to me and my bird friends

To God be all the glory, honor and power

For today, Salvation has come into our bird world

And I will be ever grateful


Aisha Entz

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